The Sections of the Embassy

Here you can learn more about the structure of the embassy and how the different sections could help you.

The Political Section

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The political section is responsible for maintaining the bilateral relations to the host country. Organization of high ranking political visits from Germany, coordination of common goals and evaluation of Saudi-Arabia's domestic and foreign policies.

Head of Department: Hans Christian von Reibnitz

The Economics Section

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The economic section supports the Saudi - German economic relations and is the official contact for all German companies operating in Saudi-Arabia. The economic section keeps in touch with the relevant Saudi-Arabian authorities and reports on economic development and policies of the host country.

Head of Department: MR. Philipp Schönbrunn-Knappmann

The Consular Section

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The section for legal and consular affairs is responsible for visas and legal questions of German nationals in Saudi-Arabia. The consular section also coordinates judicial aspects of Saudi-German relations.

Head of Department: Hans-Christian von Reibnitz

The Cultural Section

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The cultural section deals with the Saudi-German cultural relations. Its main task is the coordination of the German cultural policy and looking after the German schools in Saudi-Arabia. It also organizes events such as movie nights, concerts and workshops.

Head of Department: Dr. Rafael Leslie Heinisch

The Press Section

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The press section informs the Saudi-Arabian media about German politics and affairs relating to Germany. The section reports on Saudi-Arabian media and public opinion and distributes information material about Germany.

Head of Department: Dr.Rafael Leslie Heinisch

Language Services Section

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The section is responsible for translation and interpretation services. Mr. Ingo Schendel is head of the section. The former head of the section, Mr. Ghazi Twal, is author of the book "Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its most important laws" in the German language and "travel guide for tourists, businessmen, patients and students" in the Arabic language. For further information see

E-mail: gha_twal(at)  

Head of Department: Ingo Schendel

Defence Section

Sailors (Archive) Enlarge image Sailors (Archive) (© dpa/pa) The Defence Attaché staff in Riyadh deals with military and security policy issues in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and maintains relations to its military forces as well as to other  Defence Attachés  accredited to the Kingdom.
The Defence Attaché as Head of the Military Attaché Staff is the official representative of the Federal Ministry of Defence and represents all branches of the German Armed Forces including the area of defence technology.
The Defence Attaché Staff in Riyadh is also coordinating all German Navy port visits as well as all overflights and landings of German Air Force aircraft over and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Colonel (GS) Dr. Joerg FRIEDRICH, Head of the Defence Attaché Department
Master Sergeant Marcel HÄNSE, Assistant to Defence Attaché


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The administration is responsible for the internal operation of the embassy, including organization, personnel management, accounting, real estate matters, construction and building maintenance.
Head of Department: Hermann-Josef Conrads