Legalisation of public documents

Legalization of Saudi documents

If you want to officially use a Saudi Arabian document in Germany, you need to get it legalized first. For non-German documents other than Saudi Arabian, please refer to the information sheet provided below.

Legalization of Saudi Arabian public documents

Saudi Arabian public documents can be legalized by the German Consulate General.

First, you need a legalization from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Please bring the original document to the Consulate General where your document will then be legalized for official use in Germany. 

The fee for each legalization of a civil status document is 25 EUR, for all other public documents 45 EUR.

Please find more information on how to legalize foreign documents here: Foreign public documents for use in Germany

How to legalise German public documents

For information on how to legalise German public documents for use in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia please refer to the following website of the German Federal Foreign Office. German public documents for use abroad