Welcome to the appointment booking system of the German Embassy Riyadh

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Please book your appointment by choosing the right category first. We have a separate appointment booking system especially for family members of recognized Syrian refugees.  Please do not choose this category if you are applying for a national visa to study or to work in Germany or for any other purpose.

Please book only one appointment and only if you are actually planning to apply that day. If you are unable to come to the Embassy on your appointment, please cancel or re-schedule it so we can make it available to others and reduce waiting time.

Double bookings will be cancelled.

Please note that you will have to provide us with a valid email address and your correct name and passport no. (in Latin letters)in order to book an appointment. After you have successfully booked an appointment, you will receive a confirmation by email. Please bring a printout of that email with you to the Embassy. Our security guards are advised to only let you enter the visa section, if the information in your passport matches exactly the one in the printout of your appointment.

Please be on time for your appointment. Please note that we will not be able to receive you application if you are late by more than half an hour.

Book your appointment for the relevant category here


Please make sure you book your appointment with your correct name and passport no. or you will not be able to enter the visa section.