Consular service

For German nationals who would like to register with the Embassy, please refer to the relevant  German site

Assistance for German citizens in case of emergency

We would like to give you some tips on how to prevent emergencies, even before the start of your journey. But should the worst come to the worst - your passport disappears, your money is lost - then find out here how the Embassy can help you.

German Passports

Documents required for application for German passports: 

- current passport
- application form
- biometric photo not older than 6 months
- proof of German nationality (either by birth certificate or naturalization certificate)
- cancellation of the last registration in Germany or confirmation by the local German authority that you are still registered in Germany
- copy of iqama


Legalisation of non-German public documents

If you need your Saudi-Arabian public document for official use in Germany, get it legalized at the German Embassy first.

How to get a German certificate of good conduct

To get a certificate of good conduct from the German authorities you will have to download a form on the website of the German Criminal register office in Bonn. Fill in all the necessary information a...