Learning German

Over 120 million people in Europe have German as their mother tongue, and about 17 million more are currently learning it as a foreign language worldwide. There are many good reasons for doing this. Knowing German gives you easy access to one of the best education systems of the world and offers you the chance to start a scientific career in more than 350 German universities. Moreover, it is the key to German literature, music and philosophy, which form a rich part of European cultural heritage. Furthermore, the number of internet pages in German is second only to that of pages in English. In addition, knowing German also provides better access to one of the world's largest national economies as well as a highly attractive destination for tourism.

German courses in Saudi Arabia

The Goethe-Institut Riyadh offers German courses for beginners and advanced learners for men and women. This is your chance to learn German in the Kingdom! There are also German courses in Jeddah. For more information on these courses and on how to register, click here

Learning German in Germany

Most people agree that the best way to learn a foreign language is to learn it in the country where it is spoken. So why not come to Germany for a language course? There are many language schools that offer courses at all levels and for various durations. There are also special courses for children and teens, often combined with cultural and recreation programmes, as well as special courses for professionals.

On of the leading providers of German language courses is the. For more information on its offers, read here: Goethe Institute

German courses on the internet

Deutsche Welle offers a free interactive online German course which is ideal for both beginners and those who have some previous knowledge of German. Authentic videos, slideshows and audio texts convey a vibrant picture of life in Germany. Accompanying worksheets, exercises and tests have been designed to complement your personal study program. The course also includes a grammar chart, a 7,000-word dictionary and a pronunciation guide. Find out more here: DW-German course
In addition, Deutsche Welle also offers several audio and video courses over the internet, which can be found here: DW - Audio and Video Courses
Internet ressoruces for learning German from the Goethe Institute, including online exercises for all levels, reading texts and film clips, can be found here: Goethe Institut - Geman courses

Deutschkurs für ausländische Studenten, Uni Bonn